Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kristine's High School Graduation

Last weekend marked the end of an era for my sister's academic career. For her, her high school graduation was the slow jam to a thirteen-year dance that started when she first enrolled in preschool. Now, she's about to turn the page to a new chapter in her life, and come this September, will be the first one in my house to move out.

But that's another entry for another time.

For now, I'll talk about the graduation weekend.

That's right, weekend. The graduation exercises started Friday, May 30, 2008 at 7PM and ended Sunday, June 1, 2008 at around 1PM. The first ceremony was an almost three hour sweat fest called the Consecration Ceremony. The ceremony was held at the Hinsdale Fil-Am SDA Church and was supposed to be the introductory ceremony highlighted by the students' thank yous to their respective parents and family members. It was a bit warm and muggy that night and over a hundred warm bodies packed to standing room didn't make things any easier. Though, I was glad I didn't have to have an additional graduation robe to contend with.

Saturday morning, after the Sabbath School led out by this year's junior class, the second event was held and this one was called the Baccalaureate. Essentially, it was a Divine Worship service that included the graduates, complete with an outside speaker that was chosen by the graduating class. The students entered the church in their robes, preceded by the junior class. Basically, it was a graduation ceremony without the hassle of actually handing out diplomas.

Saturday night was class night. Class night used to have more flair to it, it used to be more of a show. However, during the past few years, class night has essentially been distilled into its most essential of components, the presentation of awards and scholarships. This is the event where the graduates got decked out in the customary bling. Here is where they find out how much of an initial scholarship they can get to a particular college and who can get bragging rights for who gets the most honor.

Finally, Sunday morning saw the advent of the Commencement Ceremony. Here is where the graduates can come out in full regalia to finally get their diplomas. Afterwards, some of them get leid and everywhere you look, you can see a flash going off. But of course, the whole weekend can't be complete without a reception complete with nibblets such as quarter sandwiches filled with cream cheese and olives.

Overall, it was a very exhausting weekend, one that I haven't been so much a part of for six years. So much time and preparation went into making sure this thing went off well. Of course, there were a few tears and some invitations didn't make it out on time, but I'm pretty sure everyone involved was pretty happy with the outcome. The first thing my family and I did once we got home last Sunday from the reception? Nap.

So congratulations to my sister!














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