Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Little Bit o' Cubism, A Little Bit o' Panel Art

I wanted to print out this daisy picture to hang in my house somewhere (bathroom), but overall, I felt bored with the concept of staring at just a flower while I brushed my teeth. However, while I was messing around with it, I got inspiration to model the portrait after the style of the British artist, David Hockney. By basing the concept on his work, and using the techniques I had used on my diptych picture, I was able to make this:


This picture is cropped from a larger shot with more background, but the same foreground subject. I had used nine picture layers: eight frames with a base layer. For hardware, I used a Canon EOS 40D with a 70-200mm f4 L IS USM lens and Photoshop CS3 to render it all. To print, I had used a Canon Pixma Pro9000 inkjet printer with Canon 13"x19" Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss.

This picture was designed to look three-dimensional with eight pictures contributing smaller portions to one large picture. I was tempted to make it look a little more realistic, more Hockney, by placing each frame a little off kilter to make the entire picture just a little bit more cubic... but whatever. I'm happy with how it turned out =)

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